Sunday, 2 October 2016

Japanofail volume 2 announcement and preorders!

Japanofail volume 2 preorders are now open!

Japanofail Preorders!

Japanofail started out a series of comic strips that took a merciless look at geek culture.  From reading comics and cosplaying, to trash talking your favourite anime, nothing is spared.  It gradually freestyled it’s way to its present form of psychopathic depravity in general.  It is stupid, fun, violent, sometimes sexual, always socially inept and virtually anything goes.  Needless to say it’s my most popular work by a long stretch.

For a limited time I am taking preorders for Japanofail volume 2, which will contains issues 7-12 of the main series.  For those new to the series I’m offering up volume 1 for order as well.  I intend to have the book available at London Comic Con at the end of the month, but thought I’d give the opportunity to anyone who can’t make the event.  Books will be mailed out as soon as they arrive toward the end of the month.

For an idea of how the book will look, here are a couple of images of volume 1, along with some sample strips of what will be in volume 2.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Japanofail Issue 12

 Kind of befitting of the Japanofail name, but I finished this comic a few months ago, and forgot to mention it here.  Whoops!

Sincere apologies about that.  Needless to say issue 12 is finished and done and appeared at London Comic Con last May.  Luckily I have a table again at Comic Con next month so it will be available there as well!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Thief's Affair - Issue 4

 It's been a while, but a new issue of The Thief's Affair came out last month.  Two more chapters of drama and intrigue!  In this issue we spend time getting to know our heroes a little better, while the conspiracies bubble away in the background.  Just how deep does it all go?  Needless to say it's not good news and the stakes are raised ever higher.  If you see it at an event, be sure to check it out!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Liverpool and Birmingham Comic Con 2016 - Complete

Doing two events on consecutive weekends is tough, especially if you catch a lurgy at the first one.  Apologies if I infected anyone!

These were my first events of the year, so it was cool to get involved again.  Both events were fun, with a lot of friendly attendees.

Next up: London MCM in May

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Now for 2016 - back in the game!

I've not done an update for about half a year on here.  I've been a little quiet and took a break from trying to force myself on making deadlines for drawing comics.  Now it's back to business for 2016!

Three events are currently booked up:

MCM Liverpool Comic Con: 12-13 March

MCM Birmingham Comic Con: 19-20 March

MCM London Comic Con: 27-29 March

Last year I only did three events, so hopefully will be able to attend more this year.  I'm working on some new comics which should hopefully be in time for these events.  Will keep this blog posted.

See you soon!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

MCM Manchester Comic Con 2015 - Complete!

Am recovered from last weekend's event now.  It was fun! ^_^

This event's top seller was Ball, which I think might mark the first time that it wasn't Japanofail.  Onwards and upwards - will keep you posted when new events and comic occur. See you soon!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Preparing for Manchester Comic Con!

A week from now Manchester Comic Con will be underway!  I thought I'd update on what's new since the last time I was there.

Japanofail issues 10 and 11 have been available at Londond events, but this is the first time they've been at Manchester Comic Con.  Also completely new is a set of A4 art prints.  The photo doesn't really do them justice, but they look really nice real life.

If you're visiting feel free to drop by my table and say hello.  The map above offers directions.  Not long now!