Friday, 20 November 2009

Into hibernation...

This is pretty much it for the year. It's getting colder, night comes earlier in the evenings, and there's no events going on for a good few months now. It's time to huddle by the fire and get comfy for the winter.

As it's a long stretch of time I'm going to try and use it to make something epic. As such, Beholder of the Eye 2 is now deeply in the works. I actually started pencilling in the summer, but only recenrly has it started to get scanned and inked on computer. Pending launch is The Thing in March, so it's a little (VERY!) early to speak of real details. Also, the pencils still haven't been completed so I can't confirm a final page count, but it's definitely going to bigger than the first one.

I'm really trying to up my game with this one, so while it's a long way off please look forward to it! :-)

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Monday, 9 November 2009

Comica Comiket 2009 report!

So Comica Comiket went down yesterday - and it was a lot of fun! The room for the venue was compact, but everyone was very nice and some laughs were had. Instead of my usual table photo, I took a picture of something different that I've not experienced anywhere else.

Everyone exhibiting got given a numbered slip of paper with a random quote on it, a stick of charcoal and intructions to go out and fill your assigned spot as you saw fit. The quote I got was: "You think this is our first argument? Dan living with him you don't know what it's like..." Didn't really know what to make of it - what would you have drawn? o_o; All the quotes were from the same graphic novel (I think it was Watchmen) and everyone went out and did their thing.

It was kind of weird having to draw with other people around, but as everyone was doing it it was easier to get in and out ninja style without drawing too much attention. ^^ I came up with an angsty shojo thing for fun. It was cool to see just how varied all the other artists' drawings were, so it's a pretty neat idea which was fun thing to be a part of - will probably go again if there's half a chance. ^^

This is what I came up with:

Saturday, 7 November 2009

A couple of things

Just a last minute reminder for anyone in London tomorrow that from between 1pm and 6pm tomorrow afternoon, I'll be selling my comics at the ICA at the Comica Comkiet Small Press and Self-Publisers Fair. This will be my last event this year (the next one being The Thing at Mile End in March). If anyone happens to be there - feel free to come over and say hi! ^^

Also in other news: Japanofail just celebrated hitting 50 pages online! Yay!