Monday, 28 February 2011


Just a short post on general progress. Beholder of the Eye 3 is nearly there. All but one of the pages are inked and I'm now filling in general gaps, tones and trying to get things finished off. Not got a front cover sorted either, so still a little more to go!

It's the London Comic and Small Press Expo in a couple weeks time as well! Sorry to say the new comic won't be done in time for it, but it'll a cert for London Expo!

Got one or two more tricks up my sleeve over the next couple of months as well - will announce as and when things are in stone! ^_^

Sunday, 6 February 2011

London Anime Con - Complete!

Just got back from this and it went okay. Well, actually I can never tell how these things go as I'm always a bundle of overtiredness and nerves. But I wasn't punched or anything so it must've been fine! XD

Next Event: London Comic and Small Press Expo! About a month to go. Will try and get some sleep by then. ;-)

Also in unrelated news I've started a manga reviewing blog for fun. It won't be anything too in-depth really, but for the general scoop on a wide/weird range of titles, I might land on something you fancy.