Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Japanofail 1 - Official Preview!

Getting close to the Expo now, so about time to finish my title announcements. Just got the hardcopies in the post so everything is good to go!

Japanofail Issue 1 - 24 pages of 4-panel jokes based on or around Japan, anime, manga, video games and pretty much whatever else I think up. Starting out mainly as a testing ground (found here), the feedback so far has been really positive so ran with the idea.

The online version's nearly up to number 20, while the comic goes ahead to nearly double that due to a frenzied drawing session a couple of weeks ago. There are a couple of extra strips in there as well so it's pretty cool I'm pretty pleased with it - it took less than two months from between the first page upload to holding a finished copy in my hands. It's been a rough road but I hope people enjoy it!

Here are a couple of previews, but as half of it's already online you can go here and read some more! Hope you enjoy it, but remember: Physical comics are better. ^_^

Interested but can't get to an event? It is now available on my little shop: http://www.ushiocomics.co.uk/

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