Monday, 21 July 2014

MCM Manchester 2014 - Complete!

It's been a hot summer, and the air con at Manchester Central was a huge bonus!  It was a good event with a larger crowd than last year, but spread out over an expanded two days.

Quite fair few people dropped by my table over the weekend and it was fun to chat with all of you! :-)  Those who walked away with some of my titles naturally have the best taste and I hope you enjoyed your purchases!

Next up: 16th August at Comica Comiket!  Busy busy!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

LFCC July 2014 - Complete!

It was a long weekend, but the London Film and Comic Con is over!

It was a good event to have a decent chat with peoples, so if you dropped by over the weekend, it was nice to catch up. Also if you took comics away with you - I hope you enjoyed! :-)

There's no time to rest however, MCM Manchester is next week!  Hope to see more of you there! ^_^

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Japanofail Volume 1

Japanofail finally makes it into graphic novel format! Rejoice!
Comprising the first six issues of the series, Japanofail Volume 1 is a 160-odd page, perfect-bound chunk of comic strip awesomeness filled with geeksplosions and otaku fails.  For those encountering the series for the first time, Japanofail is a comic-strip series that focuses on otaku life, anime, manga, cosplay, politics, catgirls, video games, mechas, samurai, poetry, life, death and everything else in between!  Proceedings are generally in 4-panel format, but this is a very loose guide at the comic freestyles in whichever way it feels.

Japanofail is easily my most successful comic series, and this year celebrates its 5th anniversary.  The timing seemed right to get a compilation done, especially as earlier issues are starting to run low on stock.  This is a good chance to jump in on the fun, and I will have it on sale at all my upcoming events.  Come get some fail!