Tuesday, 28 July 2015

MCM Manchester Comic Con 2015 - Complete!

Am recovered from last weekend's event now.  It was fun! ^_^

This event's top seller was Ball, which I think might mark the first time that it wasn't Japanofail.  Onwards and upwards - will keep you posted when new events and comic occur. See you soon!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Preparing for Manchester Comic Con!

A week from now Manchester Comic Con will be underway!  I thought I'd update on what's new since the last time I was there.

Japanofail issues 10 and 11 have been available at Londond events, but this is the first time they've been at Manchester Comic Con.  Also completely new is a set of A4 art prints.  The photo doesn't really do them justice, but they look really nice real life.

If you're visiting feel free to drop by my table and say hello.  The map above offers directions.  Not long now!