Sunday, 27 October 2013

October London Comic Con 2013 - Complete!

With the event now having extra floor space, I found London Comic Con to be a more laid back affair (I don't count Saturdays - they're always super crowded).

Thanks to anyone who dropped by and made the event as fun as it was.  It's always nice to see a healthy mix of new and familiar faces.  My new comics in particular seemed to go down quite well, and I hope anyone who bought anything enjoyed their purchases.

I'll update over the coming months about what's happening next with comics and event.  See you soon! :-)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Thief's Affair Issue 3

Arriving from the printer this morning is issue 3 of The Thief's Affair.  It's another chunky issue that contains two more chapters of action, drama and intrigue.  Seriously, events really hit the proverbial in this one so the plot continues to be all nice and twisty and turny. ;-)

It will be making its debut as MCM London Comic Con next week.  Please look out for it!