Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Expo 2012 - Complete!

A couple of days after the event and I'm still reeling from what went on.  It was a good event!  Lots of happy people and lots of cool cosplay was on display. :-)

My new comics were pretty successful.  Japanofail, as with pretty much evey Expo was my most popular title, while a few people were able to complete their Beholder of the Eye sets.

Thanks to anyone who dropped by, and if you bought any of my comics I hope you enjoyed what you read.  Time to hibernate for the winter now, and of course I'll update with any developments. ^_^

Friday, 19 October 2012

Japanofail 6

Japanofail is back ruder, cruder and... actually, it's just the same as it's always been! ;-D

Issue 6 just arrived from the printers - please look forward to it!  Those already familiar with the series will know what to expect, but those new to it can now read issues 1-3 here!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Beholder of the Eye 5

Over three years after it began, the final chapter of Beholder of the Eye finally appears! It's an 80-odd page perfect-bound beasty that I just allowed to run as long as it took to make a proper conclusion.

I hope that anyone who's stuck with this series will find the ending satisfying.  Please look forward to seeing it at London Expo next weekend!

Acouple of preview shots of the physical thing:

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September = Pain

Just a statement of intent for the next months or so.

First up, I've confirmed my spot at London Expo this October.  So yep I'll definitely be there selling all my comics.

And that is where the guarantees end. >_<;

I'm currently working at trying to get Beholder of the Eye 5 done for the event.  I really want to get it done in time, but it's proving to be a bit of a beast.  For an idea I've just pencilled page 60 with the ending still unwritten - it's big!  Once that's done I still needing to ink, scan, letter and tone the thing before it can get sent off to the printer.  So yeah I've made some decent headway into it, but it's far from the point I can promise it'll be finished in time.

I'll do my best to work as quickly as I can, but not to the point I rush/spoil it.  September's gonna be intense! :-)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ushio Shirts has launched!

I've teamed up with the guys at Carbon Clothing to print-on-demand T-shirt designs.  It's pretty exciting stuff and if you like what you see you can customise what colour shirt and size etc. to how you want it.

We're currently testing the waters with a few designs, but if there are any requets for the kind of thing that people would like to see on there (Japanofail shirts?), let me know and I can try and get something organised.

The place to browse is here: Ushio Shirts

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lurking and Working...

It's been a while since the last update, and I gotta say the burnout I experienced from beasting out 100 pages for My Lovely Omnivore was insane.  It's been a couple months since then and I've only just gotten my head what my next step should be and how to go about it.

The reality: I now have 4 ongoing comics series to juggle, and the chance of getting a new issue out for all of them in time for October Expo is nil, lol.  Time to prioratise...

The next comic I put out will be Beholder of the Eye 5, which should be the last issue!  It's had the longest wait since the last issue and so is most deserving of my attention.  I'm starting to make some headway into the pencils and it's looking to be the biggest issue of the series by far.  Getting it done in 2 months will be very tricky but I'm just going go for it and hope for the best, batshit crazy ending and all!

I'm not going to talk about other comics for now, or else I'll get distracted.  Will keep you posted. ;-)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

London Expo 2012 - Completed!

So yeah I'm almost recovered from this last weekend.  It was nuts! o_o;

Had some fun this time round, and was really happy and humbled to see so many people returning for newer comics.  Omnivore 1 found its way into the hands of a few people, as has Thief's Affair, and feedback and been very positive so far!

It's a slightly slimmer gap of 5 months until the next Expo, which I aim to attend.  With everyone wanting to see new comics from me (Beholder of the Eye and Japanofail as well at the new ones) I need to figure out which to work on in time for the next event.  Your enthusiasm inspires me, so I'll do my best!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Fox Tales in JCult

It's time for more new comics! :-) 

I may have some new stuff appearing on my own table (namely the first instalments of The Thief's Affair and My Lovely Omnivore), but I also have a new comic appearing at the Non Repro table in form of Fox Tales.

Fox Tales is my Manga Jiman entry from last year, made in collaboration with Rebecca McCarthy of Indie Manga fame.  Our comic is part of the JCult anthology and joined by several other Jiman entries, a bunch more original comics, artworks and articles, all of which are compiled into one big and juicy A4-sized tome.

Supplies will be quite limited, so be sure to check it out this weekend!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Lovely Omnivore 1

 This arrived this morning.  Time to reveal all!

My Lovely Omnivore is an action/comedy series revolving around a group of friends dragged into a world of consipracy, exploitation and underground tournaments - all of which take place at the local zoo.  Our heroes are up for it though, and will fight through anyone (or thing) to maintain their honour and friendship.

Volume 1 contains 4 chapters and runs at just over 100 pages.  It's my biggest ever release of comic material in one go, and am quite excited to see this one arrive.

A couple of previews and a photo are below, and it's available to buy here.  Please look out for it at upcoming events!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Social Media Bits

Becuase we are living in the space age of 2012, I thought it about time I made a Facebook page for my comics.  Feel free to hit the 'Like' button if you indeed like what you see.

There's also twitter which I've been on for a while and have added a feed on this page, but thought it worth a mention as well.

That's the media side of things done, as for the comics themselves My Lovely Omnivore is shaping up well and should hopefully be sent off to the printers within the week.  Will keep you posted. :-)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New series preview - My Lovely Omnivore

With London Expo about 4 weeks away now I thought it a good time to preview a new thing I'm aiming to have ready for it.

My Lovely Omnivore is going to be an epic series in both the action and comedy senses.  It's also going to be BIG!  To cope with the scale I'm going to be putting this out in bigger volumes with several chapters inside each book as opposed to single issue releases.  Needless to say I'm working like a maniac trying to get everything done in time.  There's still a lot of work to be done on it, but I'm encouraging myself (read: forcing) myself to finish it by announcing it publicly.

Wish me luck, and look forward to more previews of it as time goes on! ^_^

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Japanofail catches up!

Half a year after Japanofail relaunched last September it's finally caught up with what was published in its original run! I updated as far as the end of issue 2 before, with today's updates bringing us right up to the pre-launch of issue 3. Hardcopy readers will already know I've drawn out 5 issues of this series so far, so new-to-webcomic material is a guarantee as the work's already been done! :D

I'll now be updating on both the on old turf of Drunkduck HERE and from the rebooted run on Smackjeeves HERE.

Please have a browse and I hope you enjoy what you see. ^_^ Of course if you're really taken with the series then copies are always available via my shop.

Friday, 23 March 2012

March gossip

We're kind of between things at the moment so there's not been much to report. This is how things stand:

- Birmingham Comic Expo is next weekend! I'm trying to make an effort to get to more events outside of London so this will be a good opportunity. I'll have all my comics available, including my most recent comic The Thief's Affair, so if you're attending please feel free to drop by and say hello. :-)

- There's a nice juicy anthology in the works over at Non Repro as J Cult starts to emerge from the fog. I've got a short comic in there so will naturally update with more info onceit becomes available sometime in the coming weeks.

- I'm still working on a big *new* thing which I'm hoping to have ready for May MCM Expo. I had an arm strain which was quickly followed by a nasty cold, which I'm only now recovering from, so progress has been slower than I'd like these last few weeks. There's a lot of work to do, so please look forward to more news as I bust mylsef trying to get it done. XD I haven't revealed much about it, but as a first indicator it'll an action-comedy series that involves lots of trips to the zoo. Previews should start to appear from next month so long as things stay on target. :-D

Later! ^_^

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Like a blur - 2 events down!

Time's been going quick and it's hard to keep up with all the things that have been going on! London Anime Con came and went and was quickly followed by London Super Comic Con which was last weekend. Thanks to everyone who dropped by - any and all support is always appreciated. :-)

To be honest this rush has had an effect on comic-making as it's been difficult to keep on top of things. I'm still aiming to announce a new big thing for May Expo though so wish me luck! If you were one of those who bought A Thief's Affair you will have had a sneak peek at the new comic already! ;-)

My next event is Birminghan MCM Expo - just a few weeks to go. If you're attending feel free to come say hi!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Thief's Affair 1 - photos!

This just arrived:

So yeah it's ready and good to go. It will be debuting at London Anime Con this weekend as will be available at all subsequent events that I'm attending. I've added it to my shop which I've just neatened up a little. I hope you check it out!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Thief's Affair 1

It's new comic time! :-)

The Thief's Affair is a new series with a bit of a period feel (kind of a fictionalised Victorian time), focusing on a roof repairer who finds himself getting involved in other people's problems, for better or worse. I've been waiting a long time for the right moment to start drawing this and couldn't wait any longer!

This comics is now available on my shop! :-)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Events and other gossip!

Just a quick run-down of what events I should be attending over the next few months:

Feb 12th - London Anime Con Protip: It's also running on the 11th, but I'm only there for the Sunday.

Feb 25-6th - London Super Comic Convention I shall be sharing a table with the wonderful Tammy!

Mar 31st + Apr 1st - MCM Expo Birmingham Yes I am finally escaping the realms of London to attend more comic events. Exciting! :D

May 25-7th - MCM Expo London Which was virtually a given considering it's so damn cool. ^_^

I mentioned some of this in the last post, but there'll certainly be some new comics appearing at these events (I hope anyway!). I'm nearing the halfway point of one comic, so expect an announcement sometime within the next few weeks at the very least... ;-)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 is here!

It's the beginning of a new year, so perhaps a good time to talk about my plans for the next 300-or-so days. I haven't really anything to show, so this is more a check in to show I'm still active and busy doing, you know... stuff.

I'm working on NEW THINGS! The above pencil sketch is from one of two comics I'm drawing at the moment. I hope one will appear quite soon and the other is aimed squarely at London's May Expo. There's nothing else to share right now until things are nearer completion (and neither are currently anywhere near that stage!). The targets I've set myself are fairly insane and work-intensive so if I pull everything off as planned I'll be psychotically happy. Please don't hate me too much if I end up crashing an burning before then...

In terms of current/older titles I consider Japanofail to be essentially a completed project. Its spirit will certaintly live on in future comics as my sense of humour is fairly consistent in its depravity. ;D Beholder of the Eye should conclude this year too, but I want to level up working on current comics before going all out for the finale. I have an ending in mind so please bear with me while I try and make it epic and violent and awesome.

Thanks it for now, will update as things happen! ^_^