Friday, 20 January 2012

Events and other gossip!

Just a quick run-down of what events I should be attending over the next few months:

Feb 12th - London Anime Con Protip: It's also running on the 11th, but I'm only there for the Sunday.

Feb 25-6th - London Super Comic Convention I shall be sharing a table with the wonderful Tammy!

Mar 31st + Apr 1st - MCM Expo Birmingham Yes I am finally escaping the realms of London to attend more comic events. Exciting! :D

May 25-7th - MCM Expo London Which was virtually a given considering it's so damn cool. ^_^

I mentioned some of this in the last post, but there'll certainly be some new comics appearing at these events (I hope anyway!). I'm nearing the halfway point of one comic, so expect an announcement sometime within the next few weeks at the very least... ;-)

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