Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Thing 2010 is complete!

So after all the hype, The UK Web and Mini Comix Thing 2010 has been and gone. So how was it? It was pretty fun as it goes. :-) Matters weren't helped by the local train station being closed and heavy rain, but people still battled their way into the venue. Today I also had backup in form of my sister - we make quite a fearsome team, lol. ^_^

A few of my comics found their way into the hands of people. Thank you so much - I really hope you enjoy reading! ^_^ It was a friendly event and it was nice to be able to meet and talk to a few fellow artists. I'll definitely consider attending again next year.

There was a lot of talent on display, so couldn't help buying more comics, lol. :3

So that's the first event of the year down. Next stop: London Expo in 2 months!

Friday, 26 March 2010

The Thing 2010 is upon you!

Not long now - it's tomorrow in fact! (as it's gone midnight now, lol) The Thing is coming!

No new news really, just a general reminder and summary of what to look out for:

- The Anthology: Epic dinosaur-themed book with lots of pages and stuffs. Contains 2 pages of specially made Japanofail! :D (which incidently celebrated its first birthday yesterday! :D )

- Beholder of the Eye 2: New comic - come get some! (Warning: contains 'rar')

- Stickers: Passports will be given out to attendees to collect creative stickers for fun times. It's all free, so don't be shy! ;-)

Still a little nervous as it'll be my first time with a table at this particular event, but then again it's been 5 months since the last event so am looking forward to being in a comic atmosphere once more. ^_^

Monday, 15 March 2010

Beholder of the Eye 2 - Preview!

I'm not sure how, but I got Beholder of the Eye 2 completed in time! The comics arrived earlier today, so this 44-page issue of angst and action (or should that be angsty action?) is good and ready to go!
It's The Thing in just under 2 weeks... I'm ready! If you're around please look out for it. ^_^
It is also available in my shop:

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dino-Saw-Us! Raaar!

Not a major update, just a note to say I got my stickers for the Dino-Saw-Us activity that will be going on at The Thing. So if you're attending and find yourself with a passport - come and fine me on Table 32! ^__^

A couple of you may recognise the image as I have it on some of my business cards. But basically it's the only image I've got that's not related directly to one of my comics, so I took it!

Just over 2 weeks to go - but expect a big announcement before then! :D

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Your Passport to The Thing!

Okay we're getting close to some fun stuff now. ^_^

It's the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing in London at the end of the month (27th March to be precise), and things are starting to come together. I *might* have news regarding my current comic progress, but that's for another update nearer the time methinks. ^_-

This update is regarding a fun little thingy that a few fellow comix peeps have come up with, and I've decided to jump on board. Visitors get given a free passport, and then they can fill their passport with creator-made stickers as they browse. That's all there is to it really, but it's a fun way to get people meeting each other. DINO-SAW-US is a go! (I pinched your photo for this - I'm sorry! ^^;)

Speaking of dinosaurs (barely...) look out for the dino-themed anthology for the event which is promising to be a 100+ page monster. I've got a 2-page Japanofail 'Dinosaur Spesh' in there which was quite fun to draw, so hopefully a few people who wouldn't otherwise check my stuff might enjoy it. Even though it's huge, the book's always sold extremely cheaply, so is well worth buying if you're attending - look out for it!

Three and a half weeks to go!