Monday, 20 September 2010

General Update

I like to update at least once a month, so I feel the need to write about what's going on these days.

Next month is LONDON EXPO! :D It's a few weeks to go and things are starting to heat up. I'll have lots of copies of Japanofail 3 for people to get ahold of (as well as everything else ;-) ) but I also have plans for something NEW as well!

I'm coming toward the end of making a new anthology! ^_^ Till the Sun Grows Old was a Jiman-based anthology, whereas this will be totally unrelated and have its own independant stance. A couple of the comics that will be in the book have already done the rounds on the internet, and a couple will be making their debut in the book. I don't want to spill the beans too early, but I can at least say it's going to be a real mix of content and styles. ;-)

So please look forward to a proper announcement sometime next month when I'll give full details.

(now all I need to do is design the cover >_>;)

In other areas, the Manga Jiman competition is still in full swing. If you're thinking of entering then the theme is nami/waves and the deadline is 1st November. So far I've pencilled my entry, and will think about inking it once I've gotten the anthology completed. Entries have to be kept private until after the results are announced, but much like my last attempt I'm sure it'll work its way out into print in the long run. ;-) Good luck to anyone entering - do your best! XD

I've gone and said all this publically now, so I need to make sure it gets done for sure, lol! :-O