Monday, 22 July 2013

Manchester Comic Con 2013 - Complete!

It was extremely hot last Saturday, but this did not stop Manchester from hosting an excellent event!  Everyone was really friendly and it was great to meet so many new people.  Japanofail proved to be a big draw for buyers, with Cosplay Kerfuffle getting its share as well.  I don't always bring them along, but I also brought a bunch of badges to sell and they were super popular!

It felt really encouraging to attend an event as positive as this one.  If circumstances allow I'll certainly be interested in returning next year. :-)

So that's Manchester in the bag, next comes Camcon!  This will be my first time attending an event in Cambridge.  6 weeks to go!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Manchester Prep

So it's the Manchester Comic Con a week from today.  It's the first time I'm attending and am looking forward to seeing a lot of new faces.  I thought it'd be an idea to give a rundown of my wares so people have an idea of what to expect before hand.

Japanofail - Random short comic strips about otaku life.  As merciless as it is random.  Issues 1-7 available.

The Thief's Affair - Period-set mystery drama.  Lots of top hats and smoking of pipes.  Issues 1-2 available.

My Lovely Omnivore - Comedy action.  There's a tournament too, and penguins.  Volume 1 available.

Cosplay Kerfuffle - Self-contained comedy about cosplayers.  Cosplayers who swear.  A lot.

Beholder of the Eye - A fantasy tale of revenge and death. Recommended for mature readers. Issue 1-5 and complete.

DRUNK   - Self-contained story of drunk people.  Aggression and stupid combine.

Anthologies - Not sure what you're after?  Then maybe an anthology of multiple artists would be better.  One is called Six (a comics freestyle) and the other Till the Sun Grows Cold (containing entries of the Japanese Embassy's Manga Jiman competition).

If you're attending, come say hi! :-)

Monday, 8 July 2013

July 2013 London Film and Comic Con - Complete!

So the last weekend was London Film and Comic Con at Earls' Court - a venue which has surprisingly effective air con and fought well against the searing heat outside.

As ever thanks to everyone who dropped by.  There were a couple of returning people who came for more of my comics which is seriously the biggest compliment you guys can give. Thanks! :-)

My next event is up north in Manchester for their MCM Comic Con in just over a week.  It will be my first time attending as I rarely seem to escape the London events.  Treat me gently! ;-D