Sunday, 2 October 2016

Japanofail volume 2 announcement and preorders!

Japanofail volume 2 preorders are now open!

Japanofail Preorders!

Japanofail started out a series of comic strips that took a merciless look at geek culture.  From reading comics and cosplaying, to trash talking your favourite anime, nothing is spared.  It gradually freestyled it’s way to its present form of psychopathic depravity in general.  It is stupid, fun, violent, sometimes sexual, always socially inept and virtually anything goes.  Needless to say it’s my most popular work by a long stretch.

For a limited time I am taking preorders for Japanofail volume 2, which will contains issues 7-12 of the main series.  For those new to the series I’m offering up volume 1 for order as well.  I intend to have the book available at London Comic Con at the end of the month, but thought I’d give the opportunity to anyone who can’t make the event.  Books will be mailed out as soon as they arrive toward the end of the month.

For an idea of how the book will look, here are a couple of images of volume 1, along with some sample strips of what will be in volume 2.

Thanks for looking!