Friday, 20 August 2010

Japanofail Issue 3!

Just arriving today is issue 3 of Japanofail! Had a bit of fun with this one and took a couple risks with new styles of content. That said the key themes of fail is still the same! XD I hope people enjoy it if they check it out! :3
24 pages of fail for £2. I will be attending Comic Comkiet this Sunday (so it's lucky the comics arrived in time for that), otherwise I will be at the London Expo at the end of October. At some point I'll try and update the shop in case anybody can't make it to events but still wants it (I might have something else up my sleeve in time for Expo so may hold back and do one big update instead).
Cheers guys! ^_^
The comic is now avaiable online here:

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