Saturday, 2 March 2013

LSCC 2013 - Complete!

So yeah London Super Comic Con was a weeks ago.  It was a good event, to which I would've mentioned earlier were it not for the fact that there was a demon virus flying around the convention hall, effectively wiping out half the attendance in the following days.  Am mostly recovered now, and if you got hit too I hope you're better as well.  Cosplay Kerfuffle had a positive launch, and I am hoping it will continue to do well at future events...

...which bring me to a certain point. I'm not currently booked up for any future events!  There are definitely specific places I want to bring my comics to, and others I'm not so sure about, but until booking open up there's little to be done in any case.  While we wait, if anyone has any suggestions or requests for events you'd like to see me at, please let us know either here or on my facebook page, and I can see if it's feasible.

Come what may I will be on the eye out for events, both the usual and perhaps one or two more unexpected places.  I'll keep you posted. :-)