Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Stickers round 2! XD

Just a quick note to say I'm once again a part of the Dino-Saw-Us event. It debuted at The Thing a couple of months ago, and the feedback was positive enough for the guys to run it again at the Expo!

Lookee here for more info:

Basically I've still got lots of stickers to give out from last time, so if you get ahlold of on of the passports (or even if not), feel free to pop over and get a sticker!:3

10 days to go!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Book - Till The Sun Grows Cold

Ready for sale at this month's London Expo, Till the Sun Grows Cold is a collaboration between a few fellow artists who entered last year's Jiman competition. It's saftey in numbers, so rather than risk trying to put out a slim 8-page comic on its own, it's better to lump them all together for something a little more chunky. This is the result!

66 pages for goodness for £3.50. It's perfect-bound goodness so will be a bit more durable than your average comic as well. :-) As the comics are short, any proper preview risks spoiling whole chunks of story. All the comics are completely different, so while sharing an image from my comic isn't representative, it's an idea of at least a little of the contents. Please feel free to come browse at the Expo!

For more info on the other contributors, as perhaps a little discussion on it as well, please visit here:

2 weeks until the Expo - everything's ready! XD
And it's also ready and up for sale on my online shop, please visit:

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Expo is this month! :D

So it's coming up to the MCM Expo in London once again. I am booked, registered and officially attending! List of artists can be found here:

The bad news: I was mentioning to people that I might perhaps have a new Japanofail ready in time - I've failed! ;_;

Things have gotten a bit on top of me lately, so while I was optimistically hoping to get a new issue done, it was not to be. :-( I'll still have issues 1+2 available, as well as all the rest of my comics (Beholder of the Eye 2 was finished in March, but it'll be its first Expo appearence), so hopefully there'll still be stuff for people to see.

The good news: There will be 'something' new appearing at the event. It's finished, and off at the printers. So as soon as I've officially got something sellable - I will announce it! ^_^

4 weeks to go...