Thursday, 10 December 2009

Lots to do! XD

Howdy! I'm still working on Beholder of the Eye 2, and I'm coming to the realisation that I'm SLOW! Got a little preview of the current inking standard - hatching's become my latest thing despite it being heavy going and time consuming. The extra detail is in hopes that I can stop relying on tones so much and let the drawings stand on their own a little bit more. Will have to wait and see what the final results look like, but I hope people are enticed by this sneaky peek! Just hit page 25 with many gaps to go back to later, but it's coming on...

In other news I've gone off the deep end and have started recruiting people to collaborate on a group anthology. This year's Manga Jiman competition has closed, with the results being announced in February. Only so many people get exhibited as winners, so for fun a few of us are going to club together to have them printed to make the most of the effort we all put in. Also worth looking out for will be Leek and Sushi 2 which will contain more entries from the same competition so it looks as though there'll be quite a lot for people to read next year! ^_^

Things such as the line up, page count and title are yet to be confirmed as planning only started under week ago. Things are already starting to take shape so I'm hopeful that there'll be a couple of pleasant surprises within its pages. It's a big project and anything could happen, so I'll keep the blog up to date as relevent news arises. :-)

Back to cross-hatching now...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New Header!

I needed to draw something, and I was starting to get bored looking at the old header, so I did a new one! It was originally an image I resurrected from a few years ago, so was pretty old stuff even when I first start this blog. Something a little more current was needed so I had a play and the result now adorns the top of the page. I hope you like it! ^^

No real news really. Work on Beholder of the Eye 2 is still ongoing (preview sketch included!^). Haven't touched the pencils for a while, so still have no idea how long it's going to be. Inking in Manga Studio just hit page 22, so although there are a fair few gaps before that it's coming along. Progress is slow, but I'm doing my best so the extra effort should prove worth it, lol. XD
Other things I'm thinking about doing are my Sweatdrop forums Secret Santa drawing and a perhaps a piece for The Thing anthology next year. The theme this year is dinosaurs, hmmm...