Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I'm sure there are a few anime and manga fans out there, so thought this worth a mention. :-)

The guys over at have recently relaunched their website. There's still quite a lot for them to do, such as linking up the complete archives from the old version of the site, but it's a start and updates will be much more frequent from now on.

As for my involvement, I am a contributor for them. And while my drawing antics have pulled me away from there quite significanlty over the last year, this new blog-type format should allow me to get back in the mix. So if you want to hear about interesting and unusual manga series, I'll do my best to keep you in the know. ;-)

Go to:

Additionally, I also drew a set of 5 avatars that represent each of the staff members. It was a new thing to do work that wasn't a project just of my own initiative, so it was fun to do something different like this. There's also a nice little forum over there. The community is small, but very welcoming and knowledgable. Feel free to join in! ^_^