Saturday, 13 July 2013

Manchester Prep

So it's the Manchester Comic Con a week from today.  It's the first time I'm attending and am looking forward to seeing a lot of new faces.  I thought it'd be an idea to give a rundown of my wares so people have an idea of what to expect before hand.

Japanofail - Random short comic strips about otaku life.  As merciless as it is random.  Issues 1-7 available.

The Thief's Affair - Period-set mystery drama.  Lots of top hats and smoking of pipes.  Issues 1-2 available.

My Lovely Omnivore - Comedy action.  There's a tournament too, and penguins.  Volume 1 available.

Cosplay Kerfuffle - Self-contained comedy about cosplayers.  Cosplayers who swear.  A lot.

Beholder of the Eye - A fantasy tale of revenge and death. Recommended for mature readers. Issue 1-5 and complete.

DRUNK   - Self-contained story of drunk people.  Aggression and stupid combine.

Anthologies - Not sure what you're after?  Then maybe an anthology of multiple artists would be better.  One is called Six (a comics freestyle) and the other Till the Sun Grows Cold (containing entries of the Japanese Embassy's Manga Jiman competition).

If you're attending, come say hi! :-)

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