Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Your Passport to The Thing!

Okay we're getting close to some fun stuff now. ^_^

It's the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing in London at the end of the month (27th March to be precise), and things are starting to come together. I *might* have news regarding my current comic progress, but that's for another update nearer the time methinks. ^_-

This update is regarding a fun little thingy that a few fellow comix peeps have come up with, and I've decided to jump on board. Visitors get given a free passport, and then they can fill their passport with creator-made stickers as they browse. That's all there is to it really, but it's a fun way to get people meeting each other. DINO-SAW-US is a go! (I pinched your photo for this - I'm sorry! ^^;)

Speaking of dinosaurs (barely...) look out for the dino-themed anthology for the event which is promising to be a 100+ page monster. I've got a 2-page Japanofail 'Dinosaur Spesh' in there which was quite fun to draw, so hopefully a few people who wouldn't otherwise check my stuff might enjoy it. Even though it's huge, the book's always sold extremely cheaply, so is well worth buying if you're attending - look out for it!

Three and a half weeks to go!

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