Saturday, 1 September 2012

September = Pain

Just a statement of intent for the next months or so.

First up, I've confirmed my spot at London Expo this October.  So yep I'll definitely be there selling all my comics.

And that is where the guarantees end. >_<;

I'm currently working at trying to get Beholder of the Eye 5 done for the event.  I really want to get it done in time, but it's proving to be a bit of a beast.  For an idea I've just pencilled page 60 with the ending still unwritten - it's big!  Once that's done I still needing to ink, scan, letter and tone the thing before it can get sent off to the printer.  So yeah I've made some decent headway into it, but it's far from the point I can promise it'll be finished in time.

I'll do my best to work as quickly as I can, but not to the point I rush/spoil it.  September's gonna be intense! :-)

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