Sunday, 24 May 2009

Expo action!

Today and yesterday were the days I'd been waiting for with a mixture of excitement and stress - it was the London Expo!
Things went pretty well, especially considering this was my first time out and not m/any people knew my work. D.R.U.N.K., Beholder of the Eye 1 and Japanofail 1 all debuted at this event, with Japanofail outselling the other two put together! 0_0
Thanks to everyone who took a look, and even more so to people who risked buying something - you guys rule epicly! Even cooler are the people who bought one, and then returned later for more - how awesome are you!? ^_^
Seriously, this could have been an embarrassing disaster with a worst case scenario of me throwing the in towel, but thanks to all the people who gave me the benefit of the doubt and gave my work a shot I'm really looking forward to producing more work. You hear that? MOAR! XD

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