Thursday, 28 May 2009

Expo Artist's Alley

Still in full recovery mode from last weekend at the Expo. Not yet had a day free since then so feeling human again is a steady process. I've not actually had time to draw anything for a whole week now, but thought I'd share the last thing I did.

The above pic is my Artist's Alley entry for the Expo. The theme was 'Self Portrait' so went a ways to reveal a bit of my eeeevil side! >:-) It didn't place anywhere in the contest (congrats to the winnars! ^_^ ), but I had a lot of fun doing it. Does it look anything like me? That depends I suppose, heh...

Still feel very much in an experimental stage where I test the waters with various techniques at every opportunity. With this one I had a big play with inking... hatching, cross-hatching and 'let's do a thousand more lines' hatching were all in full swing. Kind of went overboard with it but at the same time I almost feel as though I didn't do enough. ^^;

Oh and please excuse the signature thingy in the bottom left. I'm normally loathed to do that on illustrations, especially one so big, but there was big white gap in the corner that needed filling somehow (maybe that's the wrong attitude...). I made the siggy up at the last minute and came up with that funky little thing. It's a bit unusual so might stick with it for now, lol. Oh and I'm still trying to work out the best way to draw hands, damn them. Think I got about half of the fingers okay, but it's always hard!

I entered this on Saturday and later saw it nestled in the top left corner of the over 16s section... if anyone saw it there I hope they liked it! ^_^

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