Saturday, 6 June 2009

Getting all shojo...

Totally out of my safe zone, but I've entered a Manga drawing competition for a make-up company! Eyeko were present at the London Expo giving out some freebies, but they came over to my table with a leaflet about it so thought it rude not to accept!

I've done little in terms of a real range, but so far it's been totally non-shojo in terms of style. Was a change of pace from other stuff I've done, and was glad to have an excuse to experiment with colouring again. The challenge was appreciated! All things considered I think I came out relatively unscathed.

I got my entry in before the deadlines at the end of May, but it was since extended until the end of June. It does mean that us early birds are already on there here. While I did it, I think copyright now lies with them so I hope they don't mind me talking about it here. ^^; Will be interesting to see how many other people enter - I look forward to seeing everyone's work!

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