Monday, 29 June 2009

Good god, does he ever stop whining?

I recognize the need to keep updates vaguely regular, despite the fact I've done precious little in terms of productive drawing.

So what have I been doing?


We have have on in some form or another, we just have to deal with it. ;-D

On the plus side I've had a chance to sketch out some random ideas. I've probably got enough for Japanofail 2 once I've got the time to draw them up. Also have some ideas floating around for a couple other stories, although I really need to get some established projects done before I can seriously consider that (Beholder 2 anyone? Lol!).

My brain is alive, but my body is running somewhere behind it. Once the time comes I will start drawing once again!

A little known fact, but I also write reviews on anime and manga from time to time on, so if you feel the need you can find me floating around on their forums. My obligations there were seemingly sacrificed while I drew some comics, so I'm desperately trying to clear my backlog of reviews. Once I've caught a little up I will try and establish a balance between writing, drawing and life. Target: October Expo, and already I want more time for get ready! XD

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