Wednesday, 10 June 2009 what next?

First up: THE INVASION HAS BEGUN! >:-D Yep, for those who missed out on the Expo (or more likely ran out of money or found my face too scary), my comics should now be available at Orbital Manga in London. They're quite keen on supporting the small press scene, so they took pity on this poor artist and have taken on copies of D.R.U.N.K., Japanofail and Beholder of the Eye for your reading pleasure. If you happen to find yourself in there one of these days, please take a look! ^^

After the hustle and bustle of the Expo, there's been a bit of a void in the last two weeks where I don't really know what to do with myself. In an attempt to kick-start myself into action, I'm going to announce my intentions for the next few months which should put me under the gun enough to get going again. (or just finish me off ^^;)

1 - Otaku Bytes - Did this a while ago now, but my first 4-koma comic (I did it before starting Japanofail) is imminent I think. It's only a page's worth, but will be in the next Anime Connect magazine if anyone's a member on the UK Anime Club. Despite the short length it's highly likely that it'll have a much bigger circualtion than my other stuff combined, so hopefully a few people will read it. Will have to make a start on the next one soon I think...

2 - Manga Jiman - The Japanese Embassy manga competition. I think in it's third year now but this will be my first time entering. The task is to write a 6-8 page story with the theme of 'The Sun'. I've come up with an idea, so between now and September will try and get something done. :-)

3 - Japanofail 2 - There's no getting out of it: Out of all the stuff I've done so far, this is by far the most popular. Haven't touched it for a while as the online updates are still working through the backlog from issue 1, but I've got a bunch of ideas for later on for when they inevitably run out (I've noticed they're getting stranger).

4 - Beholder of the Eye 2 - Have you read issue 1 yet? Well, have you? Lol! ;-D For anyone who took the risk on this all I can do is repeat myself and say thanks so much! I've had a couple of people give a positive response, and that's enough to get me started on issue 2! It's in the thumbnail stages right now so work has already started. Who knows how long it'll take though, but fingers crossed for October Expo if things run smoothly.

That's about it for now, I suppose I should really spend more time just practising on backgrounds or using colour or something, but I'm happier just to jump in and try to learn on the fly. We'll have to see how things go so wish me luck!

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