Friday, 20 November 2009

Into hibernation...

This is pretty much it for the year. It's getting colder, night comes earlier in the evenings, and there's no events going on for a good few months now. It's time to huddle by the fire and get comfy for the winter.

As it's a long stretch of time I'm going to try and use it to make something epic. As such, Beholder of the Eye 2 is now deeply in the works. I actually started pencilling in the summer, but only recenrly has it started to get scanned and inked on computer. Pending launch is The Thing in March, so it's a little (VERY!) early to speak of real details. Also, the pencils still haven't been completed so I can't confirm a final page count, but it's definitely going to bigger than the first one.

I'm really trying to up my game with this one, so while it's a long way off please look forward to it! :-)

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