Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm late by two and a half weeks, but Happy New Year to all! XD

Some bizarre place known as 'real life' has been taking up my time, but I'm back now. Japanofail's been on hiatus for a last few weeks because of it, but should start updating again next week! No big news to tell, I've just been working (slowly) on a few different projects.

One new thing is that I'm on the list for attending London Expo this May. Expo's a nice big event, it will be my third time attending so I guess I'm a bit of a veteran now even though I still feel like a newbie, lol. Before that is The Thing at the end of March, so there's a lot going on. I'm going to be stupidly busy for the first half of the year - it's going to be quite exciting so long as I can keep up with the pace! After Expo I've no plans at all, so it's just going to be 4 months of PAIN! ;D

Hope to see you around, and I'll try to come up with the goods! ^_^

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