Monday, 25 October 2010

Expo this weekend!

Yes the Expo is nearly upon us once more, and everything's ready and good to go! ^_^
Just a quick review of everything on the table you know what to expect:
Six - the new anthology, it's looking awesome! £5
Japanofail 1-3 - issue 3 is making its Expo debut! £2 each
Beholder of the Eye 1+2 - being moody and stuff £2 for #1 and £2.50 for #2
D.R.U.N.K. - random violence for teh lulz: £2
Till the Sun Goes Cold - anthology about the sun: £3.50
Also a couple bits of merchandise! :-O
Badges - if I got the proportions right, the image above is actual size! 50p for 1, £1 for 3 for £1.50 for all 5!
Mini prints - 30p for 1 or 50p for both. (only 2 designs after all ^_^)
I'll also be sharing the table with the awesome Tammy from Dream Tripper so please feel free to check out everything on the table! ^_^ Expo's running for 2 and a half days this year, and we will be attending for the entire run of the show - we're ready! Hope to see some of you there! :D


  1. Hope it's all going well, too bad I couldn't make it and say hi :(

  2. So far so good - 1 day to go! Too bad you couldn't make it but I'm glad you were still able to enjoy your copies of Six and Japapnofail! XD