Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Events - pimp special!

Hey ho!

So we're halfway through January and happenings are already underway as events are already looming on the horizon!
In a couple weeks is the London Anime Con which is running on the 5-6h February. Sunday is the artists' day, so I'll be there with a table of comics then. All you London folks please feel free to drop by! ^_^
I've also just registered a table for May London Expo this year! XD Quite a way to go until this one, but it's nice to know I'm good for a table so early in advance as it's something to aim for when working on comics.
In between these events nestle the London Comic & Small Press Expo on 12th March. This is a new event running for the first time this year, so it will be interesting to see what it's like!
Sorry that all of these events are London-based, but if you can't make it and are interested the shop is in full working order!
That's it for events, so what about the comics? There's nothing I can show really at the moment, but I'm working properly on Beholder of the Eye 3 right now. The pencils are finished and I recently started inking it, so fingers crossed it will be making an appearence over the next couple of months. I've also got a couple of other *finished* mini comics that have been sent out to be published elsewhere, and so will update once things are looking all shiny and official.
So all in all, the events are set with more news to come once the new comics are ready! ^_^

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  1. You can never book too far I ahead with these things... as I discovered with the last MCM expo :( Your certainly off to a good start this year either way!