Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May London Expo 2011 - Complete!

The event ended on Sunday, and I'm uploading this on Tuesday night - this is how intense the event was! On Saturday, we were joined by Anna who filled the table with infinitely shiny comics and artwork. (I should've taken a picture when she was there...)

It was a really fun event this time and a lot of cool people were around. Many people who dropped by the table were those coming back after having read my comics from earlier events. That people are returning to read more of my work is a true honour. Thanks you all so much - I'll work hard on new things for you!

The most popular comic by far was the new Japanofail 4 - which sold pretty much the same as all my other comics put together! o_o;

So that's Expo done with for now - the next event up is London Anime Con which will be my second time exhibiting there in a row. I doubt there'll be anything new ready for that event, but if you missed out this time either there or my shop is the place to go!

I'm working on a couple different comics at the moment, but nothing ready for showing to the world just yet. It'll keep me ticking over for the next few months at least. ^_^

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  1. The power of Japanofail prevails clearly! Going on #3 (the last one I read) it remains hilarious :D Someday when my schedules less hectic I'll be sure to drop in on an Expo to buy one in person ;)