Saturday, 11 April 2009

Generic update

It's been a week without anything new, but may as well give an overall update as to what I'm up to:

- Japanofail is still ongoing, quite happily it seems. Up to page 8 so far which is faster than I originally intended, but uploading pages is strangely addictive so I'm struggling to help myself! ^_^

- Have sent D.R.U.N.K. off to a potential printer who seem like very nice people. Pending the proof and deciding on how many to get printed, this one is pretty much done and dusted! *squee!* How on Earth I'm going to get this into people's hands for them to read is something else entirely... o_o;

- D.R.U.N.K's pretty old now, but I'm actually nearing the end of a much newer comic. Have only just given it a name, but reckon it will be called 'Beholder of the Eye'. You heard it here first folks!

More news as and when it happens. :-)

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