Sunday, 26 April 2009

Title announcement - Beholder of the Eye!

Just finished working on issue one last night - it's done! *collapses of exhaustion*
A new title, chapter 1 of an ongoing story, and it's NOT a comedy! We're talking action/drama all the way. Had a lot of fun experimenting and working on something a little more *intense*, so am really hoping that people enjoy the finished product (once it's printed).
As with D.R.U.N.K. preview pages will appear closer to the time. ^_-
Guess this is also a good time to announce my attendance at the London Expo. I've sent off for payment, so should be good to go. It's just under 4 weeks until my self-publishing debut and I'll totally be bricking it all the whole way. There's still lots I need to get done and typically I've left it all until the last minute... pray for me people.
But hopefully this means there'll be at least 2 comics on my table though so please look forward to it!

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