Sunday, 19 July 2009

People read my comics! XD

The guys over at Sweatdrop have been one of the main promoters of UK-made manga styled comics in recent years, encouraging not just their own work, but pretty much anyone and everyone who draws stuff.

Their latest podcast is an Expo special, and they spend much of the time talking about al the people who had new coimcs to sell. It's a great compliment (and a little scary) to hear them mention my coimcs as well! A little quote on what they said about each one:

D.R.U.N.K - "... I'm slightly worried."

Japanofail - "It's really, really funny."

Beholder of the Eye - "Draw more, there will be the beating stick if you don't!"

If you want to have a proper listen then go here here. My stuff appears at just after the the 36 minute mark, but be sure to listen to the whole thing to get the scoop on everybody else's work as well! ^_^

And of course if you're intrigued by what's said and want to read my stuff, the shop is here. *enters pimp mode*

I'm suddenly feeling good about myself and have an hour or two to spare. It's been a couple months, so it's about time to get drawing again! :-O

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