Sunday, 2 August 2009

Diving in once more!

Just a general update this time to say I'm finally starting up my drawing again. It's slowgoing, but work has started on both Japanofail 2 and Beholder of the Eye 2.

Japanofial will basically be more of the same. I'm slightly worried that my jokes might start to repeat a little as I reuse theme, but for now I've got a bunch of ideas and just want time to draw them up. If I'm lucky the weekly updates will proceed uninterrupted. ^^

As for Beholder of the Eye 2... whew it's going to be a tough one to crack. I've pencilled about 6 pages so far, and I'm trying to develop in all areas as much as possible. I'm making things deliberately difficult for myself to force both my artistic and narrative skills to improve. More action scenes and very controversial themes will make or break this series for a lot of people. I seriously hope I can pull it off.

Chances of getting these done in time for October Expo? Let's just say I'd be very ambitious to say they'll be there. But if the wind's behind me and have the time then who knows?

Will update soon, maybe even with an image or two! ;-D

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