Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I'll be at Ayacon!

Ayacon, one of the UK's longest running anime convention, is going to be on at the Warwick Arts Centre between 14th and 16th of this month. I've been a hardened manga and anime fan for around 15 years I think, but this is actually my first ever time to go to a convention!

On top of that, I've gone and booked a table for the Sunday! It was a last minute decision as I wasn't going to bother and just use it as a chance to lose my 'con-newbie', but what the hell I may as well do a bit of everything! ^_^

Think registration for the event ends this week, so if you've not booked you better hurry! Anyone who's already set up, please come see me! Being a newbie also means I don't really know many people who are going... ;_;

Kind of made this longer than necessary. To summarise:

Buy my comics?
Fun times. ^_^

Hope to see you then! And if you really can't make it, there's always my online shop (it looks a bit weird, but seriously - it does work, lol!).

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