Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Mission!

Okay so I've drawn myself up a little chart so I can get my new comics done in time for October's London Expo... and I'm in trouble already.

For Japanofail 2, I need to do on average 4 strips per week. Simple, right? Next comes Beholder of the Eye 2: I need to pencil a page a day, and once they're done it's inking a page every day without fail, which should then leave me with a couple of weeks to get it all sent off to the printers. These plans would have to run simultaneously as well so it's going to be a bit of a squeeze...

My never ending search for free time is starting to pay off, but even so this is going to be tough! That guideline doesn't allow for getting covers done, inevitable cock-ups and system failures or getting my Manga Jiman entry done.

To be honest I should be more sensible about it, focus on one comic at a time with the full expectation that only one comic will get done... but I'm not a very sensible person. It's all or nothing with me so I'm going to try and bust myself to get these done, and hopefully not at the expense of the quality (it's thin on the ground as it is!).

Anyone reading this: Don't let me get behind. If you're at Ayacon, ask me how much work I've done, demand to see my sketches. At any other time, send me messages here, PM me on forums - just make sure I'm on track! I'll be giving updates here (and sneak previews if there's anything non-spoilerish to show, like the above pic from Japanofail, hee!), it's time to sink or swim! >_>;

For now though I'm tired, pessimistic and vaguely determined... this so isn't going to happen, lol.

Regardless: Ganbarimasu! XD

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  1. I'll be at the London Expo in october mate, looking forward to getting a copy of each of your Mangas so they better be ready :D

    Dont push yourself over the edge, but if your on such a tight schedule try not to lag behind too :P

    Ps I would have commented before but for some reason this comment box wasnt working, lol i had to use a different computer to reply to a comment on mine!