Sunday, 13 September 2009

Japanofail 2 has begun!

Hi there, it's been a while!

I've been AWOL drawing an 8 page comic which for my entry to the Manga Jiman competition. Part of the rules state that I can't put any of my entry online before submitting, so with nothing to show I couldn't really update. ^^; The deadline's toward the end of the month if anyone's interested and feeling extra speedy with their art. Got my entry in during the week so it's done and dusted! Fingers crossed I can share it with the outside world at a later date...

Now for some bad news. Beholder of the Eye 2 won't be ready for the October Expo. ;_; I've got to a certain stage and realised that the plot's geting ever more epic, demanding a bigger page count and a story telling ability which I'm trying to measure up to. Basically it needs a bit more time to develop. If things go well with my other drawing projects I should start work on it again in under a month. Please bear with me - it's going to be immense!

Any good news? Well, work has started on Japanofail 2! Don't believe me? The first new strip has just been uploaded online! Go check it out!

I'm really hoping to get a whole new issue done for the Expo, but as I've literally just started on it I need to do something crazy like 2 strips a day in between everything else to make it on time. It's risky stuff, but I'm going to give it a shot so wish me luck! (don't hate me if I don't make it lol...)



  1. Good Luck :D
    After alot of buggering around I can finally get a ride to the expo, so I'll see you there and definately grab a few copies of your Manga's ^_^


  2. Cool stuff! Expo's hard work as it's so intense, but it should be good! ^^