Saturday, 19 September 2009

Progress - see you in October!

I've been continuing on from what was said my last entry and have spent the last week working on Japanofail issue 2. I've currently completed about 5 pages which while isn't a long way in, is a definite start. It's going to be tight (when isn't it? >_>;), but at least I've half a snowball's chance of geting it done - woop, woop! :-D

The target is to have the same page count as issue 1, 20 pages of content with 4 more of bonus strips and extras. As such all the files for the rest of the comic are prepped and ready to go, with the dialogue in place to have picture drawn around them. The only things that haven't been thought about are the editorial and the front/back covers - something which I always underestimate - but the majority of it is there!

My attendance to the London Expo this October has been confirmed, so I'll definitely be having a table in the Comic Village with or without the new comic (I'll still have my other comics for your buying pleasure however!).

Will keep you posted as time goes on...

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