Sunday, 25 October 2009

October Expo 2009 Report

So I just got back from the Expo a little while ago... and look a bit worse for wear.

I always forget just how much energy the event drains from you. Saturday was really rough and in all honesty I struggled to keep up with all the people coming to my table, the packed aisles of cosplayers and the nearby events stage running karaoke, Taiko drums and Parapara dancing throughout the day. Quite a coincidence that I put a Parapara display on my table which brought a few people over, but the price was hearing a techno version of the Evangelion theme many, many times! (it's still in my head @_@;)
So I went into Sunday a weakened state, but more mentally prepared. From it I somehow caught a second wind come the late afternoon. Sorry Saturday folks, but the shiny, happy Ushio was only around on Sunday! Still having not learned my lesson from last May, I'll have to try even harder to build up my strength for future events in order to talk properly to my awesome readers.
Quite a few people stopped by and I'm glad that so many of you were willing to give my work a go, and am especially happy for those who liked it enough to come back for more! XD Japanofail sold much more than the rest, with the second edition topping the sales by a margin I frankly did not expect.
Was also very cool to hear a couple of people asking after Beholder of the Eye 2 - you're a hardcore little group and will do my best to get it done for the next show. ^_~ It's currently in the pencil stages so it's all under way. I'm trying to make it as badass as possible with all the dramas so please look forward to it!
Overall it was rough, but ultimately rewarding. Just give me a while to recover and will then start getting ready for the next event: The UK Web and Mini Comix Thing in March next year! (I'm on table 32 listed as Japanofail, lol)


  1. A mystery dude from DD who shall remain anonymous25 October 2009 at 23:51

    Saw your stuff on DD and it's pretty funny. Also reading an ORIGINAL yonkoma/gag manga is a nice change of pace from the other bazillion naruto/yaoi/pokemon knockoff comics. You're off to a great start. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks very much for the kind words! ^^

    Using someone else's characters just isn't my style as I prefer to do my own thing. I take inspiration from genre cliches and otaku lifestyle and do my own twisted thing.

    I'm curious as to your identity now, lol. *suspicious*