Tuesday, 29 March 2011

More updates

Just a few things:

- Beholder of the Eye 3 is complete! Has been for a while actually, just a case of waiting for the hardcopies to arrive and then I can announce it properly. ^_^ I took some risks with it (when don't I? haha) so am hoping it comes out well!

- I'm currently working on Japanofail 4, which is coming on pretty well. I'm going all out and it's well over halfway done already. Just a matter on time really but it's looking good for appearing at London Expo as well.

- I've signed up for a table at the London Anime Con once again. I'll have a table on the Sunday only as this is the day when all the artists come in.

That's it for now! ^_^


  1. What's life without a few risks? Anyhow, congrats on finishing BOTE 3 - really dig that attached image :)

  2. Cheers man. ^_^ The front cover of Bote's either going to be awesome or awful... maybe I should've used the image above! XD

    Japanofail 4's pretty much done - I finished the last strip just now! ^_^ A couple tweaks here and there and I reckon I can send that one that out too. I'M SO ORGANISED, LOL!