Friday, 8 April 2011

The Suspense!

Okay, we're getting pretty close to new comics arriving now. I'm a bit fidgety waiting for the finals copies to show up so in the meantime will start to leak info. First up is Beholder of the Eye 3 which will look something like this:

Bit of a departure from the usual shenanigans, but suits the general tone of the comic imo. It's more of a character-driven issue this time before it heads back into the fray.

Alongside that, I'm also waiting for this:

Yes! Japanofail 4 is done! XD I had a spare week off work and a bunch of ideas to use so was able to run through this pretty quickly.

Both comics are coming from different printers. Which will arrive first? Hopefully I'll have them in the next week or so and once they're with me I'll start giving more as well as add them to the shop. Not long now, and currently well in time for Expo next month! ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Wild cover for Beholder Of The Eye, really catches the eye for that matter! The Japanofail cover also looks suitably lol-worthy, nicely done =)