Thursday, 23 May 2013

May 2013 London Comic Con Preparation!

So once again I'll be attending London Comic Con which starts... tomorrow!  I thought I'd do a quick run-down of what I'll be doing there.

All of my comics are still in print and will be available on my table.  So if you're behind on any of me series or are wanting to fill gaps, you will have to chance to fix that. :-)

If you've been following my progression closely, you'll know I have 3 comics appearing at this event for the first time.  They are:

Cosplay Kerfuffle: A self-contained comedy about a group of cosplayers. (it debuted at Super London Comic Con a couple months back, but it's still quite new and is worthy of your attention)

Japanofail 7: More cynical!  More brutal! (more kittens)  More fail!

The Thief's Affair 2: The ongoing adventures of Jack as he continues to attempt to dodge what unfortunate incidents fate chooses to throw at him.

If you're attending feel free to pop over and say hi.  I can be found in the rear area of the hall in the Comic Village on table K10.  I've made a little map and highlighted my spot:

See you on the other side! :-)

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