Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And so it begins...

Well, it's after midnight which is when I start to feel most social, so I decided to get myself a blog - ta daaaaa!

... ... ...

Now what? >_>;

Ok, introductions! I'm Ushio (not real name) from London, an anime/manga fanboy with a desire to draw some illustrations and comics in said style. I figure a blog will be a bit more productive than just sitting around doodling at home - must get stuff out into the real world!

I've been doodling on and off for a few years now, but life has been getting on my nerves lately so reckon it's about time to start taking the drawing more seriously in a feeble attempt to run away from it all. Not much work that I'm ready to show just this moment, but there is definitely some stuff in the pipeline (the next two months at least should be fairly active on here ^_^ ).

For now though, here's a fun thing I did that was introduced in a thread on the Sweatdrop forums (found here). You have to draw out a character in each of the listed styles. Didn't spend very long on it, but it was fun and produced some random results!

Think that's about it from me for now, will post again later when there's something new to say! I don't really know anyone, so feel free to comment and stuff. See you around! ^_~

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