Friday, 20 March 2009

They are coming!

Not much in the way of specific news, but I wanted to post to say what I'm currently up to with my drawing. Sorry there won't be any previews *yet* as there's no point showing stuff so far in advance, but seeing as it's what I'm spending all my free time on I still feel like talking about it.

There are currently 4 active projects in the pipeline that I've been working on, so here's a little info about each of the in order that they'll likely appear.

1 - This will be a (very) short work in 4-koma format (4 panel gag manga). There's not much else to say as it's so short any more info would spoil it, but the strip itself is done and I'm currently working on the logo. This will most likely be my printed debut, so will try and make an announcement at an appropriate time. ^_^

2 - A complete 23 page story. Again, the work itself it completely done, it's just a case of getting it organized properly. Around 90% of it was drawn early last year, with the finishing touches done last month so it's perhaps not my absolute best work to date, but it's quite fun and I hope people take to it in its own little way. I'm hoping to get this one ready for the London Expo - which would mark my self-published debut!

3 - Another comic, 24 pages long, and the first chapter to a longer story. Have probably worked on this one for arond 4 weeks now, and in that time all the pencils have been done, as has most of the inking. What's left are some final details, a few backgrounds (which will likely take most time) and all of the toning. I've working quite hard on this one, doing a couple of hours every day, so after having tried so hard I really hope people like it. I don't want to spend perhaps a couple of years working on something that everyone hates!

4 - I really enjoyed working on project '1' and the 4-koma format, so started mucking around with some ideas to do a bigger project. It's quite random and has a slightly more evil sense of humour in regards to otaku-based humour. I'm a little worried people won't get some of the reference-based jokes as they do require a bit of general know-how. I could test the theory out by starting it as a webcomic, but out of preference I'd rather it on a hardcopy book. Haven't figured out the length yet as the bitty nature of 4-Koma means the sky's the limit really. Probably around the 20-page mark. Work is ongoing between sessions on project 3, but in terms of idea and drafts I'd say about 75% of it is ready to be drawn properly.

Phew! That's a lot of info (did anyone even read this far? lol!), but it somehow lacks real substance without artwork previews! I'm actually quite nervous about this whole business, so only want to reveal info when I'm 'ready'.

Ok, to reward anyone who made it to the bottom of the post, I'll throw in a very early sketch for Project 2, it was actually the initial concept sketch in fact - it's really old now (getting on for 18 months)!

The proper announcements and revealing of secrets will come, I promise! ... just not today.

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