Monday, 23 March 2009

Suffering for my art!

With nearly 9 months from having I barely touched a pencil, the last few weeks where I've suddenly been drawing every day have taken their toll as my body complains and crumbles under the work I demand of it.

I started out drawing by sitting on my bed which was surprisingly comforatble, but from slouching from being on a soft surface led to back pains. So: I got a chair.

The chair is fairly nice, but due to lack of space I am forced to sit at and angle that I fear is developing something equivalent to a trapped nerve in my neck... not a nice sensation as I feel the occassional zing.

Also my hand's started feeling funny, and after an epic 6-hour toning session last night, I looked at it and noticed it was swollen compared to the other one. Also my forearm was starting to cramp up as well.

Can I assume this is not a good sign? Maybe the slightly thicker nature of my Wacom pen isn't working well, or perhaps I just grip it too tightly, but I really don't want to develop a case of RSI when I've barely gotten started!

Any tips to relieve the situation is welcome, just don't tell me to stop drawing!

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